Termoluz-Distribuição de Gás, Safety


Piped Gas Safety

At Lagogás we care about your safety. Observe our recommendations and fully enjoy the benefits of your piped gas.

Gas leakage

Important recommendations

If it smells gas or you detect a leak, immediately observe the following indications

Gas installations

Safety of gas installations
  • Request inspections as often as legally required (ordinance 362/2000), whose initiative and responsibility lie with the owners;
  • Any changes or modifications to the existing installation must always be performed by officially accredited technicians;
  • Any valve not connected to a flaring equipment must remain closed and sealed;
  • When performing work on the pavement or on the walls of your home, remember that a gas pipe might run through there. Try to identify the location of the gas pipes in your residence.


If the smell of gas is strong near the canister, what should I do?
You need to immediately open all doors and windows, to allow air to circulate freely, close the canister reducer and preferably place the canister outside, such as on a balcony or in the backyard.

How many gas canisters are we allowed to have in my house?

Pursuant to Ordinance no. 460 /2001, Article 3 section 1, "inside the home, garage or storage area adjacent to the home, commercial space or other services, there may be no more than four full or empty gas canisters, whose overall capacity exceeds 106dm3, and there may be no more than two canisters in any one single space or room".

What is the suitable procedure for returning canisters?

If you present the collateral document, you will be returned the corresponding amount (collateral deposit). If you don't have the collateral document with you, you will be returned the amount of €3 for every 11-, 12- and 13-kg canister and €9 for every 45-kg canister.

Flaring Devices

Purchasing flaring equipment
Purchase only equipment duly approved depending on the type of gas you will use.

Installation of gas devices

Make sure the installation is carried out by an accredited body, which will ensure compliance with existing legislation;

Do not allow the installation of gas devices in places with inadequate ventilation or without proper exhaust installation to the outside (such as bedrooms and bathrooms), as such situations are forbidden under existing legislation.

Materials to be used when connecting flaring equipment

Extendible or rigid metal pipes suited for use with gas - to be used with built-in stove tops and ovens as well as with water heaters and boilers;

Rubber hoses - to be used with stoves and moveable flaring equipment. Pursuant to the existing legal framework, the rubber hose must be approved for the type of gas to be used, contain the reference of the Portuguese standard, the expiry date for its use and the name of the manufacturer. For lengths exceeding 1,5m, an extendible or rigid metal connection suited for gas will have to be used.


Cleaning and maintaining the equipment - always keep flares clean and fine-tuned, in compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations;

Turning on the device - always light the match before opening the gas. If the device does not stay on, close the burner valve and repeat the procedure. Make sure the hot water taps are closed properly, when turning on the water heater or boiler;

Operating the devices - after use, inspect to see whether the devices are turned off. Shut them off whenever you leave the premises;
For extended absences - make sure the installation's taps and safety taps are closed properly before leaving for extended periods of time;

Ventilation and exhaust of combustion products - make sure the place and the installation of your device are in compliance with applicable ventilation and exhaust standards for combustion products. Should you have any doubts, contact us;

Inspection of devices - Flaring devices should periodically undergo an inspection, to be carried out by accredited technicians. If you detect any irregularity (when the flame is no longer stable and is shown to be unstable, noisy or with an intense yellow colour), you should also contact us.