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Gas Canister, Water Heaters, Thermal Accumulators, Central Heating, Solar and Indoor/Outdoor Heaters

Termoluz offers a wide range of products, providing the best hot-water solution for household use as well as central heating.

Growing environmental, consumer comfort and safety demands require Termoluz to present products with high rates of reliability, efficiency and innovation, which, in most cases, become references on the market.

With our products, you will also find technology, precision, quality as well as the versatility you are looking for, for your particular situation: your hot-water solution.
With half the weight of a conventional gas canister, the Pluma is safer, more resistant and more sophisticated.

The combination of AGT (Advanced Galp Technology) with the ambition and the spirit of innovation results in the Pluma, a new generation of Galp Energia canisters, 100% Portuguese and 100% designed with the Portuguese people in mind.

Surely safer

The Pluma complies with the most stringent safety standards. Its exterior is reinforced with a polypropylene and fibreglass layer, making it three times more resistant. It also comes with a safety valve and a thermal fuse to ensure additional protection in the event of high temperatures.

Surely lighter

The Pluma is a canister lighter than the gas it carries inside. When empty, it has half the weight of a traditional gas canister. Moreover, it comes with ergonomic handles suited to the contours of your hands and coated with a soft, comfortable material.

Surely more sophisticated

With seductive shapes, and an attractive colour, the Pluma will bring even more life and joy to your home environment. Its exclusive design and carefully selected materials provide greater convenience and cleanliness when carrying and handling it.

Water heaters and Thermal Accumulators

The Vulcano and Junkers brands (from the Bosch group) come in a complete range and wide variety of water heaters, intended for diverse customers with different demands, which is why it has created models suited to the size of the home, level of comfort and desired economy.

Central Heating

Central heating, combines maximum comfort with maximum economy, is the most rational solution from an energy standpoint. The same equipment enables the house to be heated, while providing hot water in the various areas of the home.


The Algarve region is famous for its mild/warm temperatures; as such, Lagogás, in association with Junkers, entered into a “partnership” that will become a win-win situation for all of us - Sustainable development.
Solar equipment saves energy, while protecting the environment. In the Summer, when outdoor temperatures are higher, water can be heated entirely using solar energy.