Termoluz-Distribuição de Gás, Lagogás - Gas Installer


Lagogás - Installer of Gas Grids

Lagogás – Instalação e Distribuição de Gás Lda., with a share capital of 5 000 €, began its operations in 1995.

Its head office is located at Rua Conselheiro Joaquim Machado no. 16, in Lagos, and its offices and workshops sit at Praça do Poder Local lote 3 caves A, B e C, in the same municipality.

Lagogás, accredited as an installer and assembler of gas grids, is the holder of licenses numbers 229 and 71, respectively. It also holds Building Construction Industrial certificate under number 41929, as issued by IMOPPI.

Its permanent staff includes specialized technicians, such as: Copper and Pe welders, gas equipment mechanic technician, Gas grid installers, Gas technicians and a Technical Design Engineer.

Quality Policy

Lagogás states that its Quality Policy, as applied to the installation and operation of gas grids, comprises the following items:
  • Meet the needs of its customers, as this is its most important criterion for Quality, as it seeks to maintain their trust.
  • Observe the standards and technical specifications required under legislation in force, existing regulations and applicable standards.
  • Ensure that our commitments, attitudes, products and/or services are recognized as an expression of Quality.
  • Comply with the requirements of the quality management system and continually improve its efficiency.

In order to achieve the items listed, Management fosters the regular review of this policy, the goals and the system, by providing the material and human resources needed for its operational planning and implementation, and Management shall be responsible for ensuring the Quality Policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the company, while committing towards bringing this about.

In this regard, company employees must make the necessary efforts to implement and maintain the Quality Policy thus defined.